Experimental time lapse

Playing around with creating time lapse videos. Using the rather excellent LRTimelapse software which very cleverly interfaces with LR by generating modified XMP files you can then reload into LR to apply your changes.

Learnt quite a bit from this. Will definitely do a few more, taking more frequent shots to allow for slower moving clouds. This one was at 30 second intervals and it moves a little too fast for my liking. You can always skip frames you don’t want but obviously can’t insert ones you didn’t take!

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Sunset from the Bergerie

Tonight’s sunset was nothing short of sublime, the range of colours and shades of varying pinkness and yellow-orange were beautiful to look at.

After a hard day’s work mowing the lawn, filling the car of various bits of rubbish and going to the dump, getting a new phone to replace the last one which was fried by a thunderstorm a week or so ago, I came back home to cook some home made carbonara (mum was impressed!) and then sit back and enjoy the sun setting with a nice chilled pint.

Another beautiful aspect about the mountains is how every sunset is slightly different. I could never get bored of the view and the varying colours as the days ends and the night draws in.

This shot is actually a stitch of about two rows of five shots taken at 24mm. One day I’ll get it bracketed on a tripod and make it a little more HDR, but for the time being, after tweaking the colours a bit, here’s what I’ve ended up with.

Sunset over Aramits and the Pyrénées mountains

Oh yeah, and the cats enjoy them too! 🙂


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Eiffel Tower at night from Trocadero

It’s been absolutely ages since I posted. Come to think of it, Freddie and Annabel have (Bec and Al’s twins) have grown quite a bit and they weren’t born last time I wrote up!

It’s mainly because I’ve been working an awful lot in Paris again, designing and building QVC’s new broadcast facilities in Aubervilliers, and as of Saturday 1st August, we’re live on air. But we did have an evening out to celebrate, and it’s kind of difficult to avoid taking a photo or two of the ubiquitous Parisian landmark.

It’s not the cleanest of photos – the ISO had to be bumped up to keep a relatively fast shutter speed as it was hand-held, but I still like the way you have the dark steel contrasting with the illuminated areas and the water canons and basins of Trocadero in front. Oh and the moon for good measure too! 🙂

Eiffel Tower

I hope to post more frequently now that I should have a little more time. I actually have quite a back log of stuff I could post up, just need to check a few things first.

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Bec’s Bump – 24 weeks in

Well, thanks to our illustrious air traffic computer system crash on Friday, getting round to shooting Bec’s session was a little tricky thanks to multiple cancelled flights I was booked on.

Fortunately, steely determination to get back eventually prevailed (that sounds terribly Bush-like!) and spent a lovely couple of hours taking photo’s of Becs bump, 24 weeks into her twins pregnancy.

We had a great fun time, and it was also a first for low-key photogrphy from me – I had done all my previous studio sessions as high-key white-background. However, we wanted to get some black-background shots as they give a slightly more intimate atmosphere, threw in a few B&W shots and it ended up being a great afternoon.



And a few low-key ones, starting off with a black and white conversion

Thank you both Bec and Al for the great entertaining afternoon. Oh and for those of you wondering, it’s a boy and girl 😀

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New frame options Autumn 2014

I’m very pleased to announce the availability of some new frames, refreshing the range I can offer.

Here, we have a new minimalist yet natural looking frame, set in oak, where the photo is bonded and laminated making it resistant to fingerprints and the odd spillage – ideal for those of us with young kids who want to touch everything!

Multiple sizes are available, this is in 24×16 and frames a photo taken a month or so ago of Romain and Maëva playing in Prospect Park.

The photo is ever so slightly recessed into the front of the frame giving a subtle but effective three-dimensional effect. The frame, here in oak is also available in walnut and wenge finishes.

The photo finish is very finely textured (part of the sealing process), yet retains every little bit of detail. The photo below is of the actual frame hung on the wall.

Multiple sizes are available, from 12×12 to 40×30 inches. Also, groupings are possible where several frames are then aligned on the wall which emphasise the three-dimensional aspect even more.

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